Old vs. New

 Old vs. New

On a short enough time line, a gaming series may only have high points. But as time goes on, there is more to compare it to. The third sequel may be better than the first, and the first sequel isn’t as good as the original. On a long enough time line, a game series will have both high and low points. For example, Indiana Jones, a much beloved series, one of my personal favorites, represents this concept perfectly. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is certainly no Last Crusade, it’s closer to a Temple of Doom. I think Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just needs time to set into the collective consciousness. In time it won’t be viewed as harshly.

Here I collect an analysis of the gaming series and gaming genres that have run on and maybe hit a few stumbling blocks along the way. We explore what those blocks are, how they could have been better. I look for the core of what made the game good or great, point out where it may have gone missing, and hopefully, where it returned.

Old vs. New – Adventure

Old vs. New – Brawlers

Old vs. New – Castlevania

Old vs. New – Final Fantasy

Old vs. New – Megaman

Old vs. New – Metroid


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