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Have You Ever…?

This is a summary of a conversation I had with someone about Diablo II. I asked my friend which character he thought could do the most damage? I proposed the trap assassin. I showed him some math and he was intrigued. I then proceeded to prove my point by playing from the beginning to the end of acts 1-4 without dying. I only stopped because it was late and I needed to get some sleep. My friend asked me how I figured it out, and I told him I had completely dissected the game, plotted out every tactical encounter with ranged, melee, bosses, shamans, etc. Since I also had just introduced him to The Guild, he told me, “You ‘Vork’d’ the game!” Vork is a character from The Guild that extensively researched the game he was playing, including loot tables, and boss encounter strategies using his guild. That assessment was “hurtful but accurate.”(also a line from the Guild) I once thought about playing the game for profit, rushing characters, and planned out the most efficient way to do it.

This exchange made me think, are there any other games that someone has Vork’d? Has there ever been that one game that you could play with your eyes closed? That one game which you knew inside and out?

Share your experiences.



I just finished updating many of the reviews with further information, links to the home pages of some of the developers, and trailers for some of them. A few of the older games from companies that have been quiet as of late were a bit harder to find and might not have as much extra material.


Hey everyone,

I can only play and review so much. I know there are some things that have slipped through the cracks, some great gems that are just waiting to be reviews. In this case, I’m looking for personal reviews on the following games

Anything with The Hulk


Alan Wake

Duke Nukem Forever




Ecco the Dolphin

Earth Defense Force


King’s Quest VIII



and for the following Top TEN compilations, I’m looking for nominations to include into the lists for

Doomsday Weapons

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this” moments

and Empowering moments in gaming.

So send all your material to and see it published here.

Introducing the Column

Originally written 1/17/2011

Introducing the Column

While reading an issue of a “gaming” magazine I now refuse to promote, I began to analyze the magazine as a whole. What good is the magazine, really? There are sections which rate many games with a number and no actual review. Is the audience supposed to accept a number and nothing else? There are probably many games on that list which deserve more than that. Some games were reviewed and were given a much higher score than I thought they deserved. That made me question the integrity, or the personality, of the reviewers. Did the action junkie review the fishing simulator? What kind of score do you think he or she gave that one? For people who like fishing games, they were cheated by a very biased review. It only started with the magazine, but I noticed similar patterns on other game review sites that I frequented.

It seems that I’m just not into many of this generation’s games. The games that appeal to me are few and far between. And the fervor over the “greatest hits” befuddles me. To my eyes, much of what is coming out to day that’s called a “AAA” title, is a generation on par with graphics, but a generation or two behind in game play

There were games that I loved which were critically panned, or ended up in the bargain bin before their time. Whenever I read a review about a “bad” game, the review was incredibly negative and even hostile. Some of those “bad” games were games that I actually liked and became my favorites. This was when I realized that I was a non-mainstream demographic. I was not being served. I hoped there were more out there like me and started this site in hopes of gathering the like minded together.

This site is a celebration of what makes a game great. I review good games of the past, focusing on what modern games can learn from them, what modern games are missing. I don’t review big games with major publishers from well known studios that have advertising blitzes and midnight launches. Every other game review site handles those. I review games that ended up in the bargain bin just for being different or unique. I review bold games which dare to be different and show us something new. I review games which don’t exist but should.

There are also some histories and analysis of game series that have changed over time, or analysis of a genre and how it changed over time. The definition of an analysis is simply a list of the parts that make up a greater whole. I admit, when I start writing, I don’t always know where it will lead, where it will end, or what will come of it. Even though I may have beaten some of these games a dozen times, the simple act of typing out the analysis has sometimes revealed new insights I’d never thought of before.

There are also some celebratory top ten lists. The lists celebrate more than just “best shooter” or “best RPG.”They’re meant to be specific, obscure, and possibly educational, I don’t want to make a list that people have seen before.

It is my hope that the items on some of these top ten lists, the analysis section, and in the reviews, are ones that people have never heard of, and then later investigate themselves, rather than just take my word for it.

Game Informer, IGN, Metacritic, and Gamespy have really let me down. It seems that I’m just not the demographic for these outlets, or even much of this generation’s games. The games that appeal to me are few and far between. And the fervor over the “greatest hits” befuddles me. To my eyes, much of what is coming out to day that’s called a “AAA” title, is a generation on par with graphics, but a generation or two behind in game play. Much of what I enjoy is quite old, or if it’s new, then it’s overlooked and dismissed. In this column, I would like to share reviews of a game I love and comparison to modern games of the genre. These are the games that I still play, the ones I would rather play than whatever is coming out.